Junior Ogunyemi

Junior Ogunyemi

Inspirational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author

Junior coaches and inspires people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Whilst at university, he was making headlines for launching many successful ventures and became a multi-award winning business starlet. Due to the remarkable social impact, a publishing company approached Junior to write a book. At age 21 he became the best-selling author of the highly influential book, “How to be a Student Entrepreneur”.

He has worked on government initiatives and advised schools and colleges. 

His dynamic inspirational messages have helped to pioneer the current “student-entrepreneur” buzz across the UK and Europe. 

Through his online resources he is now showing people across the globe, simple practical strategies so they can make it happen for themselves. Now he travels, speaking to audiences and transforming the lives of others by teaching people how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and maximise their potential.  


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