Glen Williamson

Glen Williamson

Sales Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Interim Sales Director.

Glen Williamson is the founder and Principal Consultant of GWC Sales Training with over 29 years experience in Sales & Business Development at all levels. He is an Interim Sales Director and Master Coach (CSA) with clients across the Oil & Gas, Insurance, Shipping, Logistics, Professional Services, Consulting, Design, and Financial Services sectors. He is the author of the upcoming book, Sales Matters; The 7 Critical Moments in Sales. Now in his fourth year as an independent Sales Consultant, Sales Trainer, Coach and Interim Sales Director, Glen's mission is to help to make sales a respected and respectable profession. To help sales people and small to medium sized business owners of all standards change their approach to selling so that they can achieve superior results. At GWC, we believe anyone can become an effective sales person with the right mindset and approach. Glen has consulted with and trained sales people and companies across the world and is excited to bring you his new e-book 'Master The Sales Conversation', the simplest and most effective way to boost your sales conversion rates. Motivated to help sales people of all levels to sell effortlessly and elegantly, Glen's philosophy is based on rapidly converging and aligning with the buyer through laying strong foundations and the skillful use of powerful questions. Glen believes that the main reason why sales people have high failure rates is that they (and the companies they work for) fail to do the foundational work and understand the 21 key elements of sales which make the difference when selling in this modern world. Glen's wish is that sales people never go into a sales appointment again feeling unprepared and lacking in confidence, and never again leave a sales meeting without knowing they have achieved the best possible result. In his spare time, Glen enjoys being a father to two wonderful girls, following the mighty Arsenal, riding his motorbike and writing songs. Here's to reaching new heights of sales excellence!

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