Deepak Lodhia

Deepak Lodhia

Expert in Emotional Intelligence | Speaker | Author |

As a leading international speaker on Resilience and Author of several book Deepak Lodhia has had the fortunate opportunity to train and coach hundreds of people all over the world, to create and live fuller, productive and profitable lives.

"Deepak personally believes that every human being has untapped brilliance, and has the potential to lead and flourish. With clarity, focus and training; inner strength and creativity will naturally flow leading to personal success and self-actualisation. Balance is the key ingredient and growth is a natural event, which is essential for our learning. Our actions affect others, so we have a duty of care to ourselves and other."

By Inspiring and engaging with audiences and clients, Deepak has enabled them to tap into that source of potential and use it in a practical rather than theoretical way to make positive changes to their lives.

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