Colin Newlyn

Colin Newlyn

Coach | Heart-Centred Leader

Colin coaches people who are at a crossroads in their personal, professional or business life.

Through “After the Mothership” specifically, he helps those leaving corporate life in mid-career to “do their own thing” and create life around their needs, values and purpose.

Colin also works with businesses that want to create a more enlightened and adaptive organisation that puts people and purpose at its centre, enabling this through a heart-centred leadership style.

His work is founded on his own personal experience as a Corporate Executive.

Firstly, his frustration at working in fear-driven, command-and-control hierarchical organisations where bullying was a management style and creativity and innovation was crushed.

And secondly, his struggle to change and adapt when he left the corporate environment and the lack of appropriate information and support for people in this major life transition.

Colin’s happy place in on top of a snowy mountain with a pair of skis on his feet.

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