Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock

Designer | Artist | Art Director | Sculptor | Painter

Antony Haylock, or ‘H’, as he is affectionately known, has been a designer, art director, sculptor and painter, producing hugely diverse work on a local and international scale for over twenty years.

From his early days as one of the foremost artists in the late 80’s Rave scene, producing artwork for the first flyers and art installations, his popularity and client base grew rapidly. Moving into Nightclub murals, design and then refits as they required a more urban feel. These works challenged H’s skills to explore new directions in medium and style, providing a great foundation for what lay ahead.


His career took an interesting turn when he was chosen to be Production Designer on the CBeebies TV show Dream Street, working at Pinewood Studios in 1998. Again networking and his keen enthusiasm saw him go on to work on several more TV shows and Films earning him a membership with the British Film Designers Guild in 2004.


As TV and Film embraced technology and moved into the CGI world, so did Antony when he formed a UK based animation studios with other Pinewood colleagues, creating and producing 52 episodes of the hit TV show Little Charley Bear for CBeebies. As Creative Director, H designed Charley Bear and the entire look and feel of the show.


With enough time spent behind a desk and wanting to return to a more practical approach to his creativity, H returned to Southend. Here he formed a Creative Solutions Collective, working for London based advertising agencies. With the knowledge picked up from working in Pinewood, they designed and created many large, weird and wonderful art installations for promotions throughout the country. Working for clients such as Sony, LG, Phillips, Panasonic, Pimms to name but a few.


Despite all this very interesting and diverse work, H was still keen to be less confined by the corporate world, and when a client who had keenly followed H’s work and career was inspired to make an offer of patronage, he quickly agreed. With only himself as a client now he was able to really discover where his true direction was creatively, exploring some inner demons with some more thought provoking pieces and also embracing his sarcastic nature and love of Pop Art.


In a very short time H has climbed quickly, with his work attracting the attention of the likes of Gallerie Bartoux in Mayfair, and creating interest in the contemporary and urban art scenes throughout the UK and Europe.


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