Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard

Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard

Professional Speaker, MC, Educational Workshop Deliverer and Developer, Enterprise and Manufacturing Champion.

Bernie, or Andrew Bernard to his mum, was an underachiever at school, he left with an E and a U at A level from a Grammar school and this changed his life…he decided to make a change and went away to college in North Wales.

After a successful three years and a Distinction in HND in Business and Finance he went on to work at Management levels in Unilever, a Professional Construction firm, then Salford and Lancaster Universities and did a Degree and teaching qualification part time.

Still feeling he was missing something he did a fire walk at 38 years old and decided he wanted to work with young people.

Now 10 years on he’s delivered more than 1,500 workshops and talks internationally, worked with 100,000 people, is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, TEDx Speaker and entrepreneur.

He has spoken internationally in the UK, Europe and the UAE and brings passion and enthusiasm to your event as a speaker, MC or facilitator.

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