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William Buist

Business Mentor and Founder of the xTEN Club

William is a strategy mentor for owner-led businesses in London and Bristol. His work unlocks sustainable profits and avoids costly mistakes for his clients to release them to make a more meaningful difference. William's lifetime of business experience works alongside yours to create successful collaborative teams along with a practical design of the operational model.

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by William Buist

Wed Nov 27 2019 William Buist

How To Bring The Wonder Of Springtime In ...

Compared with the dark days of winter just passed, spring is an enlivening time. New growth is vibrant and colourful,

Fri Nov 15 2019 William Buist

Build a Mastermind Group to Help Grow a  ...

Sustainable business are not static; they are dynamic and focus on the future. They draw a well marked path and plan how

Mon Nov 04 2019 William Buist

Letting Your Business Model Drift

Do you remember when you started your business? Surely you developed a business model for that purpose. At that momen

Mon Aug 19 2019 William Buist

The Most Effective Rituals In Business

People are creatures of routine, but this often leads to boredom. In business, however, some routines and rituals are

Sat Aug 17 2019 William Buist

Creating a Vision that Inspires You and  ...

A business vision is aspirational; a statement of a future you envisage for what you aim to achieve. A vision that inspi

Sun Aug 04 2019 William Buist

Being A Global Citizen And Making Busine ...

The idea of being a global citizen may sound strange to someone running a small business, but the reality is that most &