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Alex Springer

Supporting Professionals through Creative Direction & Social Influencer

A creative director wielding a camera to create authentic and personal brands plus guide influential brands to consistently grow through creative techniques. Social influencer sharing positive messages on health, belief, mindset and Digital storyteller as he believes that we are all on a journey but its our personal journeys which make the best stories.

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by Alex Springer

Sun Oct 27 2019 Alex Springer

Break the Rules Not The Law

Break the rules not the law. - Arnold Swarzenegger As we travel through life we unconsciously follow rules.

Tue Aug 13 2019 Alex Springer

The “Image” Of An Entrepreneur

When you hear the word , what image comes to mind, how old are they, what are they wearing, what do they look like, wher

Fri Aug 02 2019 Alex Springer

It's All In The Details

When it comes to details there are plenty of things we could dive into, especially when discussing a brand, however ther