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Are You A YO YO Entrepreneur?

Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

Do you start something and never finish it?
We see it in the fitness industry with people and weight loss. 
They get all brave, they lose some weight and then they think they are DONE so they stop.
The weight starts to go back on…they panic and they start to be reactive rather than proactive in their approach to health and weight loss.
They end up putting out fires rather than keeping them on the slow burner.
I’m wondering how this resonates with you. 
Are you a serial fire starter? Do you start something and never finish it? 
It happens all too often that we get excited by the shiny new thing…get part way into it and then just let it fade. 

We don’t follow through.
Now there can be a lot of reasons why but one of the most popular is the fear of success: the fear of actually doing something well, seeing it through and embracing the success of it.
But often we stop just before it gets good; we stop at the point where it gets tough and we crack under the pressure.
We say...

Oh that didn’t work  - I will start something new.

I promise you this: such an attitude WILL be showing up in your life elsewhere: in relationships, in money, your body, jobs, and friends.  

It will be showing up.
Take a look and see where this is happening in your life.  

Ask the question... 

What is it about finishing something?

Perhaps you have a fear of finishing something? Are you in fear of something coming to an end? Is this a “thing”, perhaps a habit for you  to look at.
Beware the CURSE of the yo yo entrepreneur!


Barry and Laura Ash

Husband & Wife Power Team. We create OUTSTANDING human beings!

Barry and Laura Ash are a husband and wife power team who have a passion for all things fitness and health....with a twist...because this is not just physically but mental thing. After being medically retried from the police force in 2013 because of her Bi Polar Laura and Barry set out to start their own business. They realised the direct correlation between having a fit mind and how it can effect the body. 6 months into Rock Solid going live Barry left his role as a PTI in the prison service and joined Laura working within Rock Solid.

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