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Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place
  • Everyday nearly 1.5 Billion plastic bottles are bought across the globe.
  • Over 500 million single use straws are used everyday in the UK and USA.
  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

In short, our planet and our home is being destroyed by our actions.

Our need to consume and use easy throw away plastic and litter is causing so much harm and suffering.

We toss a bag out of a car window or cast away some take away food packaging expecting someone else to pick it up, and sometimes when asked why we do it we reply with "I'm giving someone a job"

But what we don't realise is that the litter gets blown away and ends up killing wildlife.

Balloon cords get tangled around feet or animals. Discarded plastic gets picked up by birds and they feed it to their young thinking its food.

I found a sea bird recently called a Manx Shearwater and it was dieing because a plastic locking ring off a bottle had got caught around its head and when I took it to the vets it died due to shock.

This needn't have happened.

The plastic bottles we throw away take over 200 years to break down and only about 7% of these plastic bottles get recycled because we want clear plastic to drink our water from which can't be clear if using recycled plastic.

In the UK and USA we use over 500 million one use straws each day and so many of them go into the sea and water courses causing more damage.

After witnessing the bird dying in the vets, I then came across a video on Facebook of a whale that had come into a port and the fishermen were trying to push it back out to sea but the whale was too sick to go.

They made the decision to kill it. When they then lifted the whale onto the dockside and cut it open they found its stomach was filled with plastic bags.

It was then that I made the decision to do something as someone once said...

"If you see something wrong in the world, you can either sit and do nothing or take action" and that is exactly what I did and #5ThingsClear was born.

With the idea that if we all picked up a little litter each day (5 pieces) then together we can all make a huge difference.

This initiative within just 3 weeks has spread as far a field as the Philippines, Argentina, USA, Canada, across Europe and the UK.

People are getting behind this and I urge you to do the same.

We can't complain about society because we are society and this is our time to change our home around and leave it better for our grand children and their children.

Visit the Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/5ThingsClear


Remember together we can make a difference.  The future of our planet needs you now.


Simon Jordan

Founder of One Planet One Place

Simon Jordan is the founder of One Planet One Place, inspiring people to escape the busy world, become more present and fall back in love with life again through his photography, podcasts, poetry and films.

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